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Have a missing tooth? We understand the many reasons you would want to get it replaced. For many people, replacing a missing tooth will improve their smile and confidence. And not only do missing teeth affect your appearance, but they also affect your speech, bite, tooth alignment, and chewing ability. At Facial Surgery Group, we will make sure you get effective tooth replacement in Kansas City that restores your smile!

Causes of Missing Teeth

How Can Missing Teeth Be Replaced?

Dental implants are titanium medical devices that are surgically placed into the jaw bone.  They act as an artificial tooth root onto which a dental crown or bridge can be placed.  Implants can also function as supports that stabilize a removable denture.

Dental implants work very well for patients that are missing one or more of their teeth. Not only can they greatly improve the appearance and function of artificially restored teeth, dental implants can help to preserve the surrounding teeth by maintaining bone levels and preventing natural teeth from shifting out of place.

Restore Your Smile

If you are ready to reclaim your smile, Facial Surgery Group has skilled oral and maxillofacial surgeons who will offer you solutions for tooth replacement in Kansas City.

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