Crowding of Teeth in Kansas City

Dental Crowding

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Your Guide to Crowded Teeth

When there is a discrepancy between the size of the teeth and the size of the jaws, the teeth can become crowded (crooked) in an attempt to fit in the mouth. This can lead to oral health issues such as cavities, gum disease, and the teeth not biting together properly (malocclusion). Sometimes teeth may get stuck under the bone if there is not enough room in the mouth for the tooth.

Causes of Dental Crowding

Dental crowding can occur when teeth aren’t properly aligned, causing them to grow in too close together. There can also be a size discrepancy between the jaws and the teeth, or the upper or lower jaw may be underdeveloped. Or you may simply have extra teeth that result in overcrowding.

We Can Help With Dental Crowding

After evaluation by an orthodontist, the solution to your crowding of teeth in Kansas City may require a surgical component. Dental extractions of select teeth can often create the space needed to straighten the teeth for a beautiful smile. Teeth that are impacted can be exposed and bracketed so that the tooth can be properly positioned. Orthognathic jaw surgery can improve the position of the jaws, speech, and chewing ability.

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