Impacted Canine Tooth Removal in Kansas City

Impacted Canines

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Simple Solutions to Painful Problems

Did you know that, after wisdom teeth, your canine teeth are the most commonly impacted tooth? The oral surgeons at Facial Surgery Group can address impacted canine teeth, as well as any other impacted teeth, with safe and effective surgery.

Causes of Impacted Canines

There are numerous causes of impacted canines as your teeth grow in. Commonly, if your teeth are misaligned or crowded, the canines aren’t in the proper position to erupt. Growths, such as cysts, can also block the path of the tooth. Sometimes, people can also have extra teeth, which can become impacted since there isn’t a place for them in the mouth. If baby teeth don’t fall out when they should, this can prevent the adult teeth from erupting and cause them to be impacted.

Addressing Your Concerns

If you are recommended to Facial Surgery Group to address an impacted canine tooth in Kansas City, we will schedule an appointment for a consultation and surgery in the same day. During the procedure, your oral surgeon will perform a simple process that “exposes” the canine tooth. Then, an orthodontic bracket is positioned on the tooth. Your orthodontist will then attach an elastic chain and maneuver the newly uncovered tooth to assist eruption.

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