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Oral Surgeons in Kansas City

Healthy, functional teeth and restorations are the very foundation of good oral health and a successful future. Facial Surgery Group’s oral surgeons are devoted to providing the best oral surgery in the Kansas City area.

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Advanced Medical Knowledge & Expertise

Facial Surgery Group is nationally recognized for its experience, skill, and knowledge. Our doctors are continually seeking out the most  advanced medical techniques and information to deliver the highest level of care available.

Accurate & Comfortable Procedures

Our state of the art diagnostic and imaging tools empowers our surgeons to accurately and conservatively treat patients. At Facial Surgery Group, our patients experience comfortable treatment and leave our office with long-term solutions. Facial Surgery Group is the leader in Accurate and Comfortable Procedures in Kansas City.



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Dental Implants

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Orthognathic Surgery

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Surgically Assisted Orthodontics

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Biopsies & Oral Pathology

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Bone Grafting & Ridge Modification

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Impacted Canines

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Driven by Compassionate Care

Facial Surgery Groups takes enormous pride in what we do.

We chose our careers based on our desire to provide the best surgical care available. We employ pleasant, passionate staff who care about our patients’ experience from the moment you schedule to the moment your treatment is complete.

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Life Changing

I lost a front tooth when I was 11 years old. For the last 20 years, I've warned a  couple of different partials. Everyone of them was uncomfortable and looked bad. When my dentist sent me to Dr. Tanner to talk about a dental implant, I was doubtful. My new tooth feels like a part of me. I can't stop smiling.



A Piece of Cake

I was so afraid to have my tooth pulled that I didn't sleep the night before. Everybody there was so nice and made me feel so comfortable that it was a piece of cake. I don't know how to thank you enough.



Happy Wife, Happy Life

I grew up without much dental care. I was embarrassed by my teeth. I guess that somewhere along the lines, I learned to hide my smile. Then I had kids and naturally, their needs came first; music lessons, sports, braces, college. When the last one graduated from college, my husband insisted that it was my turn. My new teeth are beautiful. My husband says it was worth every penny. He says, "Happy Wife, Happy Life".


Gentle and Kind

My newborn baby was losing weight. The doctor said he couldn't nurse right because he was tongue-tied and needed to have his freenulum clipped. I'd never heard of such a thing. Dr. Call was kind and gentle. He explained everything and answered all my questions. It was so simple and stress-free. The best part is that our baby started gaining weight and is almost right on track.