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Wisdom Teeth Removal in Kansas City

Wisdom Teeth or 3rd Molars served a purpose for early man but like our appendix, they no longer serve a purpose. Our distant ancestors had larger mouths and more teeth were required to chew and grind coarser, tougher foods. As humans have evolved, our diets have changed and our mouths have become smaller. While most of us have “3rd molars” or wisdom teeth, we often don’t have room in our mouths to accommodate them.



Why Extract Wisdom Teeth?

Consequences of Un-Extracted Wisdom Teeth

Left un-extracted, these teeth frequently become problematic. Swelling, infection, bone loss and gum disease can be a consequence of un-extracted wisdom teeth. In rare cases, cysts can develop around un-extracted wisdom teeth. Perhaps most concerning, un-extracted wisdom teeth can result in Facial Cellulitis and inflammation of lymph nodes. Finally, as wisdom teeth erupt, it is not unusual for orthodontically corrected teeth to be pushed out of alignment and become crooked again.


  • Prevents swelling, infection, pain, and decay
  • Helps to prevent gum disease
  • Protects orthodontic treatment
  • Helps to maintain naturally aligned occlusion (the way teeth meet)
  • Helps to prevent potential complications like facial cellulitis and inflammation of lymph nodes

What Are Impacted Wisdom Teeth?

Impacted Wisdom Teeth

The word “impacted” means jammed, wedged or stuck. Often times, the tooth has no place to go and can become wedged against the neighboring tooth or its roots. The extraction of impacted wisdom teeth can save patients from  uncomfortable side effects like swelling and infection. Facial Surgery Group’s skilled surgeons are the natural choice for impacted wisdom tooth extraction in Kansas City.


Other Extractions

Decay, Infection, Periodontal Disease and More

There are various reasons for the extraction of other teeth. These include decay, infection, periodontal disease, and pain. Sometimes teeth need to be pulled  to create more space for orthodontic procedures. In any case, Facial Surgery Group has the experience, skill, and knowledge to expertly and safely remove teeth.

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Happy Wife, Happy Life

I grew up without much dental care. I was embarrassed by my teeth. I guess that somewhere along the lines, I learned to hide my smile. Then I had kids and naturally, their needs came first; music lessons, sports, braces, college. When the last one graduated from college, my husband insisted that it was my turn. My new teeth are beautiful. My husband says it was worth every penny. He says, "Happy Wife, Happy Life".