Bone Grafting & Ridge Modification

About Bone Grafting & Ridge Modification

Bone Grafting in Kansas City

When a tooth has been lost, bone can atrophy or shrink. This results from the lack of stimulation that a normal tooth provides. Our jaw bones are the structure that holds our teeth in place and as the bone grows thinner, the structure is compromised and leads to further tooth loss. Teeth and the bone that support them are the foundation of health. Facial Surgery Group is the experts on Bone Loss and Bone Grafting in Kansas City.

Ridge Modification in Kansas City

Sometime deformities of the upper or lower jaw exist. It can be the cause of tooth loss, many years of denture wear, injury, gum disease and even developmental defect. This deficit renders the bone insufficient for dental implants. Facial Surgery Group can expertly perform Ridge Modification Surgery to correct and build up the ridge, creating a more desirable bone condition for Dental Implants.


  • Stimulates bone growth
  • Replaces bone loss
  • Could protect against further tooth loss
  • Improves aesthetic and function of tooth replacement
  • Creates a more suitable environment for dental implants


The Bone Grafting Process.

Our Expertise Results in Minimal Discomfort

Bone grafting is a procedure which is performed with relative simplicity. Most patients do not report a great deal of discomfort. The bone grafting process stimulates new bone growth which creates a more stable foundation for dental implants. Without a dental implant, bone loss will unfortunately progress.

What Causes Dental Bone Loss?

There are a number of reasons for dental bone loss. It can occur due to gum disease, tobacco use, cancer treatments, infection, hormonal changes, and as a result of tooth loss.

The Ridge Modification Process

Modification Procedure

During the ridge modification procedure, the gum is lifted away from the ridge to fully expose the defect in the bone. The bony defect can be filled with bone graft material which can help regenerate lost bone. Finally, the incision is closed and several months of healing will be required. Depending on the case, a dental implant may be placed during the ridge modification procedure or when healing is complete; much depends on the precise condition of the bone. Ridge modification improves the cosmetic appearance, functionality of the mouth, and the chance of enjoying dental implants for many years.

What Causes Deformities to the Upper or Lower jaw?

It can be the cause of tooth loss, many years of denture wear, injury, gum disease and even developmental defect.

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