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Impacted Canines in Kansas City

Simple Procedure to Alleviate Impacted Canines

After Wisdom Teeth, Canine Teeth are the most commonly impacted tooth. Due to crowding or anatomy, canine teeth may not have room to erupt or to grow in. The dentist or orthodontist might request that the impacted canine be “exposed”. Our surgeon will perform a simple surgical procedure to uncover the impacted canine. After the canine is uncovered, an orthodontic bracket will be placed. This procedure will be followed by an appointment with the orthodontist who will attach an elastic chain and orthodontically maneuver the newly uncovered tooth to assist eruption.


  • Prevents swelling, infection, pain, and decay
  • Helps to prevent gum disease
  • Protects orthodontic treatment
  • Helps to maintain naturally aligned occlusion (the way teeth meet)
  • Helps to prevent potential complications like facial cellulitis and inflammation of lymph nodes

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