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Dental Implants in Kansas City

About 178 Million people in the US are missing a tooth. Missing teeth can be the result of an accident, disease, decay, bone loss or congenital reasons. Advances in dental technology and research have resulted in the ingenuity used to create dental implants. Over 50 years in the making, dental implants offer the highest functioning and best long-term solution to tooth loss. Facial Surgery Group is the leader in performing Dental Implants in Kansas City.


  • Can potentially be a permanent solution to tooth loss
  • More cost-effective over all
  • More naturally functional than a partial or denture
  • More aesthetically natural looking
  • Does not damage neighboring teeth as opposed to a crown

Immediate Implants

In Ideal Circumstances an Implant Can be Placed Immediately

Our doctors will evaluate the patient’s available bone, the absence of infection and periodontal health, before making a decision. Placement of an immediate crown or provisionalization on the implant is also an option in certain situations. Even in excellent candidates, the patient’s postoperative compliance is essential to the success of the procedure.

Complications of Missing Teeth

Impaired Speech, Poor Nutrition & Social Stigmas.

Missing teeth create many complications including social stigmas, impaired speech, and poor nutrition. Most commonly an un-restored missing tooth will create other dental complications like bone loss and shifting teeth. When teeth begin to shift to fill in the missing space, the occlusion or the way the teeth “meet up” is affected and far more serious consequences can occur. Sadly, missing teeth change the shape of the face which can make us look older.

How does a Dental Implant Work?

Functionality, Proven Results, Real Satisfaction

A dental implant consists of a titanium post that is surgically positioned into the jawbone below the gum line. The post serves as a replacement “root” for the missing tooth. After the site heals, your dentist will seat a replacement tooth on the post and you are left with a beautiful, natural looking, functional tooth. While it sounds very intimidating, the expertise used by Facial Surgery Group results in very minimal discomfort. Most of our dental implant patients return to work the day following surgery.

A Permanent, Effective Solution

A Dental Implant Can Last a Lifetime.

Most of our dental implant patients return to work the day following surgery. Best of all, an implant isn’t removed from the mouth and placed in a glass at night. Most importantly, unlike a bridge, otherwise virgin, neighboring teeth are not “cut-down” or modified.

With good oral care, a well maintained dental implant can last a lifetime.

Driven by Compassionate Care

Facial Surgery Group takes enormous pride in what we do.

We chose our careers based on our desire to provide the best surgical care available. We employ pleasant, passionate staff who care about our patients’ experience from the moment you schedule to the moment your treatment is complete.

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Happy Wife, Happy Life

I grew up without much dental care. I was embarrassed by my teeth. I guess that somewhere along the lines, I learned to hide my smile. Then I had kids and naturally, their needs came first; music lessons, sports, braces, college. When the last one graduated from college, my husband insisted that it was my turn. My new teeth are beautiful. My husband says it was worth every penny. He says, "Happy Wife, Happy Life".