Precision Dental Implant Placement in Kansas City

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Highly innovative technology allows Facial Surgery Group the most accurate implant placement available.


Facial Surgery Group has introduced the use of the X-Guide System, a system which allows the surgeon to position implants with exact placement in even the most challenging of cases. This exciting advancement allows for more efficient planning, a higher level of functionality, as well as a more natural looking tooth replacement.


Dental implant surgery has fast become the standard of care among dentists who desire to offer patients the most progressive and long-term restoration. Sadly, edentulism is common among older adults in the US. The National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research published findings indicating that adults ages 50 to 64 have an average of 22.5 teeth. Thus, a growing population of aging Americans will result in significant need for tooth replacement options. As patients grow more information savvy, the demand for innovative, long lasting, options will prevail.


The X-Guide System allows Dr. Tanner and Dr. Call to navigate placement using 3D technology similar to that of a GPS system. The element of approximation has been removed from the implant process. With X-Guide technology and 3D imaging in place, our surgeons can plan cases using images that measure the diameter, length, bone depth, nerve location and ridge position. The live onscreen imagery during surgery helps to guide the surgeon’s handpiece using GPS like technology for precision placement. In addition, the accuracy that the system allows results in less time, less post-operative pain and therefore a faster patient recovery.  Finally, unlike the technology used in some image guided surgery devices, there is no radiation exposure during the procedure.


The Kansas City dental community possesses a unique, integrity, deeply rooted in its history. Kansas City dental origins reach back to 1881 when its dental school was founded. Unknown to most residents, Kansas City is home to many uniquely talented dental professionals. Facial Surgery Group takes pride in maintaining its leadership role as educator, groundbreaker and as an example of excellence. The ability to visualize the otherwise unseens and unknowns allow Dr. John Tanner and Dr. Kasey Call to exceed the level of exceptional level of care that defines Facial Surgery Group.


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Written and Contributed By Ingrid Keizer for Facial Surgery Group PC